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LIKKA*HOUSE added fancy items in this week. Let’s take a look at each of these dresses one by one 🙂

1. LIKKA*HOUSE Little Lovebird
This is a fantastic dress with Crinoline Style, some heart-shaped-birds flying about in the cage. This includes pumps reflecting the image of ‘pointe shoes’.
Little Lovebird

2. The Name of the Rose
This is a roses-on-style gown with affectionate nuance.
The Name of the Rose

These items all feature a rococo style, These dresses enhanced the beauty of feet with the front of skirt opened. This includes shoes matching dresses perfectly.

Likka Noel released these dresses for ‘GION COLLECTION 2009’. Please drop in and check them out at sannomiya main shop.


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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Secret Wish, which Kogen Yoshikawa runs and is located near the central park in sannomiya, released a new spectacles.
This is -Avaritia- .

This is one of their good stuff series named ‘taizai(the Seven Sins)’. That series ends with this product. This is the final one.

We can push up our glasses to forehead, it’s really cool… 🙂

We can change the color by HUD … This product has 9 colors of glasses . Please see as below 🙂
I like yellow one, how do you think?

Please come and try this demo !

Secret Wish

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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It’s rainy season here in japan….. We always annoy its humidity … hmmm.. rain rain go away !

This item shows us a bit of our endurance…

When you sit on this chair and click on the sofa, it rains!! 😛

Why it rains !? I don’t know why….. But we had better keep it in our mind that we can stop raining by ourselves…

Well, as I told you above, this chair is a kind of joke item. I hope you will try this demo here at zozo shop in sannomiya …

[ We highly recommend that you should stop sitting in 3 minutes to keep your mind calm ! 😛 ]

zozo Shop

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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::ra’ta-j:: , which offeres us accessories and some good stuffs, has opened an outlet in sannomiya SIM !. It is located at the sannomiya mall in the southen west of sannomiya, where ‘heart-shaped-island’ is very close 🙂

Their motto is ‘cute and cool’. They added a new silver product this week, that is ‘Birthstone Teardrop pendant’.


These stuffs are ‘transfer ok’. so how about giving your friend this as a gift ? 🙂

And …

ra'ta-j-03 ra'ta-j-04 ra'ta-j-05

And these good stuffs as above are for free or 1L$.
This sale will run until 15th of July, 2009. Gotta run to get them all !


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Rain, rain, go away! The rainy season is still staying in Japan, and we are looking forward to having sunny days !! Summer is just around the corner ….

To prepare people to summer, accessory shop .:*D*:. has opened an outlet in sannomiya SIM . It is located along the sannomiya mall. They offers cute rose stuffs such as bikini, wreath and bouquet…

They released new stuffs this week to celebrate a grand opening in sannomiya.
This is ‘Rose Wreath for Roses Bouquet’,

And ‘Roses Bouquet set’.

These items are made by a method of very minute sculpturing. Please check them as below.

And also they are going to have a grand opening sale from July. 1st, 2009 . They will give us a 20% discount of those items only in sannomiya, and the discount will be in effect until the end of July, 2009.


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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