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Hi, Yoshimi again. Only a few days for the year 2010… wow, time files… I have to do the year-end cleaning in RL. Moreover in SL, my inventory has been messed up this year so i got to clean them up ! … 😦

Anyway, going back to shops in sannomiya SIM, let me introduce very challenging stuff to bring a successful conclusion of this year… 🙂

VanVicky has released cute food accessories this year, and they released a new stuff at the end of 2009, minute eyeglasses for tiny avatar. This is ‘Fun-Fun’.

Fun-Fun is made for upright ears rabbit released from Wynx Tiny Avatars.

This avatar has up-angled eyes and this might look cold-looking, so jyona Weiz, the designer of this stuff, paid considerable attention to making avatars appearance meek. As a result I guess this avatar looks so cute in a way.

Please come by Yossy Planning to take a look at this cute eyeglasses.
Yossy Planning (::VANVICKY::)

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Hi Calo in the sannomiya SIM is well known for its lovely sweets-shaped furniture. I’m pleased to let you know that the shop has just put the furniture named “Christmas Cake” on sale!

“Christmas Cake” coated with a lot of cream will no doubt make your mouth water. It looks very cute, but at the same time it is practical. Up to five people can sit on it and you can enjoy it with your friends adopting five different kinds of poses. The red check cloth under the cake is included in the furniture as well.
Just looking at it, you`ll almost be able to smell the sweet scents drifting from it. No matter how yummy it may look, please don’t eat it mistakenly!

The shop carries many other pieces of sweets-shaped furniture, beautiful pot plants, potbelly stoves and the like. You can find Hi Calo from here.

Sika’s Shop “Hi Calo”

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Hi there,  this is rosie.    I’ve found a new hair from Grace Azure in Sannomiya SIM.  I’m going to show you them.

Long twin tail hair with animal pattern hat.  The Hair size is changable with script and the size and texture of the hat are changable with script, too.   Four color variations of the hair are available.  Each hair color includes hat without hair too.

Grace Azure Hair Iraina,    L$200 each

Grace Azure is good at accessories, too.    Look at this cool belt.

wow,  the charms hanging from the belt  are adorable, aren’t they?  The belt has five color variations.

“Grace Azure” #BE51 LEAHTER BELT  L$390

And one more good news,  if you join Grace Azure group,  you can get these awesome gifts now.  As you can see,  they have high skill of making silver and diamond accessories.

The shop is located by the gate of Sannomiya SIM.  Here is a LM


Let’s enjoy shopping in Sannomiya!

Sannomiya region Fahion Express


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Hi everyone, this is Rosie again:-) Today, I would like to introduce Zephi’s Shop at Sannomiya SIM. You will find this shop if you go straight through the gate from the Sannomiya SIM landing point.

Zephi’s Shop produces lovely dresses that uses a lot of cute ruffles, laces and ribbons that girls love.

Shown below is the latest dress from Zephi’s shop.

The adorable Gothic Lolita dress is made with careful attention to details.

Black and white laces are used for the skirt and the bodice. The gloves also come in 2 colors, gray and white. So you can enjoy different looks even with one dress. The beautiful and realistic texture and the prim parts such as ruffles and laces are very sensitive and noteworthy.

The skirts comes with a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit. You can use the function by the dialog which will appear when you click the skirt. There are also 2 other colors blue and red, as shown below.

There are many Gothic Lolita-type dresses in this store, but they can be also worn as daily sweet dresses. There are also maid-type dresses and pretty dresses. So please come visit!

Zephi’s shop Sannomiya


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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Hi, everyone! This is Rosie.
Today, I would like to introduce a very fashionable shop called [KASA] down the south lane of Sannomiya SIM.

[KASA] is known for its unique round-shaped glasses.
Today, I would like to feature the latest product “Legacy”.

[KASA] Glasses make-believe “Legacy”

Thick lenses go perfectly well with the golden metal frame, and it gives you a strong presence. The eyeglass is carefully made and very fashionable.

What is great about this product is that it comes in 2 sizes, one for men and one for women. It also comes with a resize script, so i’m sure that it will give you a perfect fit. But please be careful when using the resize script, because if you try to change the size too much, it may change the original form all together. In such case, please open the back-up package:-)

This is how the entrance of the fancy [KASA] shop looks like.



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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