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Hello everyone!  It’s early in the morning of the last Sunday in January now in Japan.  This winter was unusually warm and there were even very warm days with the temperature of April.  I really sometimes thought if spring had already come.  But if spring comes this early, stores might not be able to produce spring items in time.  Just a trivial worry that came to my mind:(

But despite my worries, spring items are now in stores just in time! 🙂

I would like to introduce the latest product “The Name of the Rose – spring side”” from LIKKA*HOUSE.

These dresses are new color variations of the dress which came out last summer.  Let’s have a look at the “spring side(bright colors)” at first.  The colors are gray, cyan, pink and innocent.

Next coming up is the “autumn side(dark colors)” dresses.  The colors are espresso, gold, bronze, black. 8 colors in total. 

There’s also a fatpack which includes the crimson dress which was previously released.

This special color dress below(beige)is sold to support the Haiti Earthquake.  The price is set at a reasonable price L$50(the other regular colors are L$300).  The sales will be sent to Haiti earthquake victims through Red Cross.  It is sold not only at Scribble special booth but also at Sannomiya mainstore.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

LIKKA*HOUSE Sannomiya Main Store

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Hi, everyone!  This winter season in Japan is rather warm and it’s hard  to believe that it’s supposed to be the coldest month throughout the year.  Especially this week it’s so warm that I sometimes think “Has spring already come?”
Today, I would like to introduce a product which almost brings you a feeling of long awaited spring breeze.

HAYSURIZA is located at the north side of sannomiya SIM and the shop deals with formal shoes that go well with elegant dresses.  I will show you the latest product Ellice_Pointed-Pumps.

These shoes can be worn both formally and casually.  There are 2 ways that you can wear them, you can wear them without any accessories to enjoy the simple and formal look, or you can wear them casually with jewels and leg warmers (the settings can be changed by a dialog menu which appears when touching the shoes).

The designer Hays Uriza says, “I focused on the shape of the foot base when wearing prim shoes.  Especially, I put much time and energy in adjusting the balance between prim shoes and foot base in order to make the instep look beautiful.

There are wide variety of colors of these shoes so that you can simlply match them with any kind of dresses without trouble.  There are 24 colors in store now!

Why won’t you stop by at HAYSURIZA and enjoy a little early spring breeze?


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Hi all, today I will be introducing you *Grace Azure* at sannomiya SIM.

*Grace Azure* is located near the landing point of sannomiya SIM and the shop mainly deals with HAIR, BELT, ACCESORY and SHOES.

Shown below is the latest product from *Grace Azure*. The new belt is called #BE912S。

The creator anzu Seiling says, “I decided to engrave the logo of our shop on the leather part this time. I also put much energy to make a high quality texture and I am quite satisfied with the outcome”.
Next coming up are new boots called #SH912.

These are suede leather long boots with ribbons at both sides of the ankle. The ribbon and the top part come in 3 colors. The top and side are adorned with cross-shaped charm. The product includes both boots with and without charms.

There’s also freebie you can pick up at this store! So please come visit!

Sannomiya region Fahion Express

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Hi, everyone!
Today, I would like to introduce you the latest product “LIKKA*HOUSE Ragdoll” from LIKKA*HOUSE.

The owner says, “The image of this outfit is a long haired cat. I focused on how to express the fluffiness of the cat’s silky fur”.

The outfit comes in 3 colors, white, black and brown tip. The product lineups are Camisole set, Tunic dress, PantsSet and Gown, each set can be bought respectively, but there are also outfit set grouped by colors. There are no overlapping items within each set so you can enjoy the wide variety of combination.

LIKKA*HOUSE is now having a treasure hunt. The hunt will be held from Jan 1st to Jan 12th, 2010(SLT). Find 10 boxes hidden in the Sannomiya mainstore, and you will get the special color set of the latest product!


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Happy new late year !
We chose this article as SRFE of the year 2009.


VanVicky has released ‘VICKYPON’ this week.
This is a vending machine that gives us various kind of item each at random, that is, you don’t know which cute sweet item you should receive before you purchase !
This kind of vending machine is called ‘gashapon’ or ‘gachapon’ in Japanese, it is very very popular among young ages. See this for detailed explanation @ wikipedia.
Come and see and feel its incredible delicacy of her touch !
And moreover, there is one ‘secret item’ as you can see in the 2nd screenshot. Gotta get this !

Yossy Planning (VanVicky VICKYPON)

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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