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*Grace Azure* – New Release: BE912 & SH912


Hi all, today I will be introducing you *Grace Azure* at sannomiya SIM.

*Grace Azure* is located near the landing point of sannomiya SIM and the shop mainly deals with HAIR, BELT, ACCESORY and SHOES.

Shown below is the latest product from *Grace Azure*. The new belt is called #BE912S。

The creator anzu Seiling says, “I decided to engrave the logo of our shop on the leather part this time. I also put much energy to make a high quality texture and I am quite satisfied with the outcome”.
Next coming up are new boots called #SH912.

These are suede leather long boots with ribbons at both sides of the ankle. The ribbon and the top part come in 3 colors. The top and side are adorned with cross-shaped charm. The product includes both boots with and without charms.

There’s also freebie you can pick up at this store! So please come visit!

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