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Hello everyone, I’m rosie.
I’ve found a yummy and funny shop in sannomiya.
Let me introduce ‘Hi Calo’.

Look at these giant yummy-looking things.
They are all furniture! 

 You can sit on huge hambergers, puddings, or pancakes with whip cream. They are all high in calories, so Shika named the shop ‘Hi Calo’. 

Shika Loon, the owner of Hi Calo is really good at sculpting. All the food-like furniture looks so cute and yummy. I can’t sit on them without smiling.

Here is her latest release.
“EggCup TableSet” (10Prims)

You can sit on the egg shells. 
The texture of the table and chairs are changable.
You’ll be surprised when you click the white
tablecloth. A plenty of sweet doughnuts and puddings and tea set will appear on the table.

This table set is displayed in the shop.
There is also a freebie corner, too. 

Please drop by and try them.

Hi Calo is here!



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express



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It’s rainy season here in japan….. We always annoy its humidity … hmmm.. rain rain go away !

This item shows us a bit of our endurance…

When you sit on this chair and click on the sofa, it rains!! 😛

Why it rains !? I don’t know why….. But we had better keep it in our mind that we can stop raining by ourselves…

Well, as I told you above, this chair is a kind of joke item. I hope you will try this demo here at zozo shop in sannomiya …

[ We highly recommend that you should stop sitting in 3 minutes to keep your mind calm ! 😛 ]

zozo Shop

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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LIKKA*HOUSE ,located in the nothern east corner of sannomiya, has released a new dress ‘Giselle’ this week.
Likka Noel gave these black dresses to some friends as gifts for her second rezday. In additon to those dresses, she offers us dark gray / dark gray / light gray / white / dark blue / pink gray , 6colors totally.



It looks lambent a little , floats in the sky as if it were a feather….
so fantastic ! .. It’s worth seeing..

Moreover, Lucky chais(prize chairs) are on 24/7 here in LIKKA*HOUSE.
This month prize is ‘Alice Dress -cream rose’.

This deserves ’20minutes sit’ !


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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