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It is my pleasure to introduce a brand new tenant at sannomiya SIM shopping mall. *~Grace Azure~* is a shop that produces and sells high quality hair, belts, and fashion accessories.

‘”Grace Azure” #BE007 Brilliant Cross Belt’ is one of their signature products.
This belt is a prime example of the painstaking care and attention to detail which the creator gives to each product. The buckle is very delicately carved and the blue stone at the center is most impressive.
Grace Azure-BE007 Brliliant Cross Belt
‘Honey’ is a lovely hair with colorful bobby pins in the front. It comes in two styles — one with pins and one without. Both options give you a very distinct look, so ‘Honey’ is suitable for many different occasions. This beautiful hair comes in 6 colors.
Grace Azure-Hair
The accessories pictured here illustrate very clearly that subtle and complex designs, combined with carefully cut gemstones, are hallmarks of Grace Azure’s breathtaking and sophisticated product line.
Grace Azure-Accessory
“The concept of our shop is to combine dedicated workmanship with the love of beauty to produce the highest quality products”, says Grace Azure’s creator, anzu. Be sure to visit the shop and try the DEMOs in order to experience first-hand the rare beauty and exquisite artistry of anzu’s creations.
Grace Azure-EA96U8 Heart cross Necklace 5TEX

*~Grace Azure~*

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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