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Hi all, today I will be introducing you *Grace Azure* at sannomiya SIM.

*Grace Azure* is located near the landing point of sannomiya SIM and the shop mainly deals with HAIR, BELT, ACCESORY and SHOES.

Shown below is the latest product from *Grace Azure*. The new belt is called #BE912S。

The creator anzu Seiling says, “I decided to engrave the logo of our shop on the leather part this time. I also put much energy to make a high quality texture and I am quite satisfied with the outcome”.
Next coming up are new boots called #SH912.

These are suede leather long boots with ribbons at both sides of the ankle. The ribbon and the top part come in 3 colors. The top and side are adorned with cross-shaped charm. The product includes both boots with and without charms.

There’s also freebie you can pick up at this store! So please come visit!

Sannomiya region Fahion Express


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Hi there,  this is rosie.    I’ve found a new hair from Grace Azure in Sannomiya SIM.  I’m going to show you them.

Long twin tail hair with animal pattern hat.  The Hair size is changable with script and the size and texture of the hat are changable with script, too.   Four color variations of the hair are available.  Each hair color includes hat without hair too.

Grace Azure Hair Iraina,    L$200 each

Grace Azure is good at accessories, too.    Look at this cool belt.

wow,  the charms hanging from the belt  are adorable, aren’t they?  The belt has five color variations.

“Grace Azure” #BE51 LEAHTER BELT  L$390

And one more good news,  if you join Grace Azure group,  you can get these awesome gifts now.  As you can see,  they have high skill of making silver and diamond accessories.

The shop is located by the gate of Sannomiya SIM.  Here is a LM


Let’s enjoy shopping in Sannomiya!

Sannomiya region Fahion Express


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Hi everyone, this is Rosie again:-) Today, I would like to introduce Zephi’s Shop at Sannomiya SIM. You will find this shop if you go straight through the gate from the Sannomiya SIM landing point.

Zephi’s Shop produces lovely dresses that uses a lot of cute ruffles, laces and ribbons that girls love.

Shown below is the latest dress from Zephi’s shop.

The adorable Gothic Lolita dress is made with careful attention to details.

Black and white laces are used for the skirt and the bodice. The gloves also come in 2 colors, gray and white. So you can enjoy different looks even with one dress. The beautiful and realistic texture and the prim parts such as ruffles and laces are very sensitive and noteworthy.

The skirts comes with a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit. You can use the function by the dialog which will appear when you click the skirt. There are also 2 other colors blue and red, as shown below.

There are many Gothic Lolita-type dresses in this store, but they can be also worn as daily sweet dresses. There are also maid-type dresses and pretty dresses. So please come visit!

Zephi’s shop Sannomiya


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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Hi, everyone! It’s me Rosie again. Today, I would like to post new products and sale info from HITOYASUMI *Atmosphere*, a shop at sannnomiya SIM which produces high quility eyeglasses and tattoos. The shop boasts its wide range of product line but today I would like to introduce you the latest product from HITOYASUMI. A cute eyeglasses with a lovely pink frame (shown in the photo below).

The frame comes in only one color pink and the form is classical, but the color and transparency level of the lenses can be changed, so you can enjoy various impression even with just one pair of glasses. I actually tried them on and had fun selecting the colors. Different lens color sure gives you a very different look.

The eyeglass above will be offered with special discounted price in a big sale held from 2009/11/28 0:00SLT to 2009/12/4 23:59. The number of glasses is limited so hurry up and don’t miss this great chance!

There are 2 other glasses which will go on sale. 85% off the regular price!! The number is also limited, so they might be sold out any time soon, as you can see in the photo below. So make sure you tp to the shop ASAP and enjoy the big sale!

The entrance of the HITOYASUMI *Atomosphere* shop looks like this.

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Hello everyone, I’m rosie.
I’ve found a yummy and funny shop in sannomiya.
Let me introduce ‘Hi Calo’.

Look at these giant yummy-looking things.
They are all furniture! 

 You can sit on huge hambergers, puddings, or pancakes with whip cream. They are all high in calories, so Shika named the shop ‘Hi Calo’. 

Shika Loon, the owner of Hi Calo is really good at sculpting. All the food-like furniture looks so cute and yummy. I can’t sit on them without smiling.

Here is her latest release.
“EggCup TableSet” (10Prims)

You can sit on the egg shells. 
The texture of the table and chairs are changable.
You’ll be surprised when you click the white
tablecloth. A plenty of sweet doughnuts and puddings and tea set will appear on the table.

This table set is displayed in the shop.
There is also a freebie corner, too. 

Please drop by and try them.

Hi Calo is here!



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express



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Hi there, I’m rosie. Today, I’d like to introduce ra’ta-j,
an accessories shop in sannomiya, specializing in fine
silverwork. When you land on Sannomiya TP point and
enter the gate, this shop is the first one you see on
the right side of shopping area.



Ra’ta-j makes high-quality silver accessories. 
There is a characteristic luster to pure silver, and
I think ra’ta-j has captured it beautifully.

Today’s recommendation:

rata-j_neck::ra’ta-j:: ScissorsNecklace2        L$150

This comes in two(2) color variations,  light silver and
black silver. Both variations include a rezising script,
so both men and women can wear it. 

As the name indicates, a shimmering pair of scissors hangs from
the center of an intricately-wrought chain.

Special Offer:


Ra’ta-j is pleased to offer a limited time sale
price on this cute, pink rabbit pendant:
::ra’ta-j::*Silver rabbit pendant*~pink
This lovely pendant is reduced from L$120
to L$60. The sale price will be available
only for 10 days —  Nov. 10 to Nov. 20.

So hurry and visit Ra’ta-j in Sannomiya!



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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