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Hello everyone!  It’s early in the morning of the last Sunday in January now in Japan.  This winter was unusually warm and there were even very warm days with the temperature of April.  I really sometimes thought if spring had already come.  But if spring comes this early, stores might not be able to produce spring items in time.  Just a trivial worry that came to my mind:(

But despite my worries, spring items are now in stores just in time! 🙂

I would like to introduce the latest product “The Name of the Rose – spring side”” from LIKKA*HOUSE.

These dresses are new color variations of the dress which came out last summer.  Let’s have a look at the “spring side(bright colors)” at first.  The colors are gray, cyan, pink and innocent.

Next coming up is the “autumn side(dark colors)” dresses.  The colors are espresso, gold, bronze, black. 8 colors in total. 

There’s also a fatpack which includes the crimson dress which was previously released.

This special color dress below(beige)is sold to support the Haiti Earthquake.  The price is set at a reasonable price L$50(the other regular colors are L$300).  The sales will be sent to Haiti earthquake victims through Red Cross.  It is sold not only at Scribble special booth but also at Sannomiya mainstore.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

LIKKA*HOUSE Sannomiya Main Store

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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Hi everyone, this is Rosie again:-) Today, I would like to introduce Zephi’s Shop at Sannomiya SIM. You will find this shop if you go straight through the gate from the Sannomiya SIM landing point.

Zephi’s Shop produces lovely dresses that uses a lot of cute ruffles, laces and ribbons that girls love.

Shown below is the latest dress from Zephi’s shop.

The adorable Gothic Lolita dress is made with careful attention to details.

Black and white laces are used for the skirt and the bodice. The gloves also come in 2 colors, gray and white. So you can enjoy different looks even with one dress. The beautiful and realistic texture and the prim parts such as ruffles and laces are very sensitive and noteworthy.

The skirts comes with a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit. You can use the function by the dialog which will appear when you click the skirt. There are also 2 other colors blue and red, as shown below.

There are many Gothic Lolita-type dresses in this store, but they can be also worn as daily sweet dresses. There are also maid-type dresses and pretty dresses. So please come visit!

Zephi’s shop Sannomiya


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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These 2 shops are located in the same tenant booth of bay front sannomiya shopping mall.

**p/j** – kimono,hana,turu

I would like to introduce 3 kiminos from **p/j**, a shop which produces both kimonos and western clothes.
**p/j kimono* is a beautiful white kimono with Japanese flower pattern.
**p/j**kimono hana is an elagant black kimono with plant pattern.  The shape of the bow resembles a flower.
**p/j**kimonoturu boasts a vivid red texture and a butterfly shaped bow.  It gives you a cute look.

pj kimoino

Next coming up are  western clothes from **p/j**.
++ Flowerwanpi yellow++ is a lovely dress that comes in  yellow, pink, Blue and white.
++pinkDress++ is another cute dress that comes in pink, white and Black.
**Black Dress** features a beautiful pattern that goes perfectly well with its black texture.
pj dress

HANANA DESIGN – Animation:hanana-girl-002

Next, I would like to introduce hanana-girl-002 from HANANA DESIGN, a shop known for its cute animations.

“Eye direction will look natural because the face direction is not fixed except when turning around,
even though the animation is made to turn the avatar around while making a peace sign with one hand”,
says the creator.  This animation features a girly, cute movement and a natural eye direction.

hanahana girl02

There are many other carefully produced animations, which reproduce girls’ cute movements.

**p/j** has dollarbie clothes and HANANA DESIGN also has dollarbie animations.


Sannomiya official shopping mall, Sannomiya (92, 78, 23)

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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2 new dresses with 2 types of removable collar have been released from Zephi’s Shop, which is famous for its “Gothloli”(Gothic & Lolita) dresses.

Halloween Witch Dress

The Halloween witch dress comes with a very impressive, big, black witch hat.
The dress can be worn equally well with or without the detachable collars.
Its over-all look is both cute and sexy.
Although the dress is called a Halloween witch dress, you will enjoy wearing it throughout the year.
Zephi kiji-witch

White Dress with Red Checks

What is outstanding about this dress is the cute, red tartan-checked texture which gives you an innocent, lovely look.
Depending on which collar you choose, you can be a lolita, or a sexy grown-up.
Socks and anklets can be detached for different looks
Zephi kiji-rc

‘Halloween Witch Dress’ includes a hat with a pumpkin accessory at the back.
‘White Dress with Red Checks’ includes a hat with a white feather accessory at the back.

Both the ‘Halloween Witch Dress’ and the ‘White Dress with Red Checks’ come with a realistic, high-quality panty.
Panties are adorned with ribbons that can be seen from the hem of the skirt.
A key feature of Zephi’s Shop skirts is a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit.

Zephi’s Shop
Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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2 types of new dresses ‘LIKKA*HOUSE Lotus’ and ‘LIKKA*HOUSE Michelle’ are released from LIKKA*HOUSE, which is very popular among girls. The shop is famous for its wide range of products from gorgeous dresses to cute dresses and other lovely products.


The dress is very unique in its design. “I focused on its oriental image when I made this dress.” the creator says. The luxurious, deep taste of the texture is outstanding. I am sure that you will be attracted to this gorgeous dress in first sight.

‘LIKKA*HOUSE Michelle’ comes in 7 different colors. Each color gives you a very different impression. Some gives you a mysterious look, and some sweet as a doll. Which color of ‘LIKKA*HOUSE Michelle’ dress do you prefer?

LIKKA*HOUSE will be celebrating its second anniversary on October 5th. ‘LIKKA*HOUSE The Name of the Rose -cream-‘ will be given away in store for 7 days only. Don’t miss out!
The Name of the Rose -cream-

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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LIKKA*HOUSE added fancy items in this week. Let’s take a look at each of these dresses one by one 🙂

1. LIKKA*HOUSE Little Lovebird
This is a fantastic dress with Crinoline Style, some heart-shaped-birds flying about in the cage. This includes pumps reflecting the image of ‘pointe shoes’.
Little Lovebird

2. The Name of the Rose
This is a roses-on-style gown with affectionate nuance.
The Name of the Rose

These items all feature a rococo style, These dresses enhanced the beauty of feet with the front of skirt opened. This includes shoes matching dresses perfectly.

Likka Noel released these dresses for ‘GION COLLECTION 2009’. Please drop in and check them out at sannomiya main shop.


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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Zephiris Singh released new dresses such as ‘Gold Black Gothic dress’, ‘Gold Blue Gothic dress’ and ‘Gold Red Gothic dress’ this week.
‘Gothic Lolita’ in japanese means a specific subset of Lolita fashion, its style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims.

She says ‘I worked up for days in making this golden ruche, i hope you will like this’. It’s a kind of simple but very minute one. Please see her touch.


One of her items feature is ‘scripts for a skirt’, that is, whenever you sit on the chair, that script works not to hang straight itself. That means we can get relief from annoying about skirt when we sit 🙂


Please come and see her items. We are open !

Zephi’s Shop =Gothic Lolita for Ladies=

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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