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2 new dresses with 2 types of removable collar have been released from Zephi’s Shop, which is famous for its “Gothloli”(Gothic & Lolita) dresses.

Halloween Witch Dress

The Halloween witch dress comes with a very impressive, big, black witch hat.
The dress can be worn equally well with or without the detachable collars.
Its over-all look is both cute and sexy.
Although the dress is called a Halloween witch dress, you will enjoy wearing it throughout the year.
Zephi kiji-witch

White Dress with Red Checks

What is outstanding about this dress is the cute, red tartan-checked texture which gives you an innocent, lovely look.
Depending on which collar you choose, you can be a lolita, or a sexy grown-up.
Socks and anklets can be detached for different looks
Zephi kiji-rc

‘Halloween Witch Dress’ includes a hat with a pumpkin accessory at the back.
‘White Dress with Red Checks’ includes a hat with a white feather accessory at the back.

Both the ‘Halloween Witch Dress’ and the ‘White Dress with Red Checks’ come with a realistic, high-quality panty.
Panties are adorned with ribbons that can be seen from the hem of the skirt.
A key feature of Zephi’s Shop skirts is a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit.

Zephi’s Shop
Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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