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These 2 shops are located in the same tenant booth of bay front sannomiya shopping mall.

**p/j** – kimono,hana,turu

I would like to introduce 3 kiminos from **p/j**, a shop which produces both kimonos and western clothes.
**p/j kimono* is a beautiful white kimono with Japanese flower pattern.
**p/j**kimono hana is an elagant black kimono with plant pattern.  The shape of the bow resembles a flower.
**p/j**kimonoturu boasts a vivid red texture and a butterfly shaped bow.  It gives you a cute look.

pj kimoino

Next coming up are  western clothes from **p/j**.
++ Flowerwanpi yellow++ is a lovely dress that comes in  yellow, pink, Blue and white.
++pinkDress++ is another cute dress that comes in pink, white and Black.
**Black Dress** features a beautiful pattern that goes perfectly well with its black texture.
pj dress

HANANA DESIGN – Animation:hanana-girl-002

Next, I would like to introduce hanana-girl-002 from HANANA DESIGN, a shop known for its cute animations.

“Eye direction will look natural because the face direction is not fixed except when turning around,
even though the animation is made to turn the avatar around while making a peace sign with one hand”,
says the creator.  This animation features a girly, cute movement and a natural eye direction.

hanahana girl02

There are many other carefully produced animations, which reproduce girls’ cute movements.

**p/j** has dollarbie clothes and HANANA DESIGN also has dollarbie animations.


Sannomiya official shopping mall, Sannomiya (92, 78, 23)

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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