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Hi, everyone! This is Rosie.
Today, I would like to introduce a very fashionable shop called [KASA] down the south lane of Sannomiya SIM.

[KASA] is known for its unique round-shaped glasses.
Today, I would like to feature the latest product “Legacy”.

[KASA] Glasses make-believe “Legacy”

Thick lenses go perfectly well with the golden metal frame, and it gives you a strong presence. The eyeglass is carefully made and very fashionable.

What is great about this product is that it comes in 2 sizes, one for men and one for women. It also comes with a resize script, so i’m sure that it will give you a perfect fit. But please be careful when using the resize script, because if you try to change the size too much, it may change the original form all together. In such case, please open the back-up package:-)

This is how the entrance of the fancy [KASA] shop looks like.



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express



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An adorable heart-shaped island floats on sannomiya bay filled with moody atomosphere of a beautiful seaside port. A restaurant on that island called Casa Kasa has released Make-believe Glasses series.
restaurant Casa Kasa3

[KASA] Glasses 09 make-believe “ThinBlack”
restaurant Casa Kasa2

[KASA] Glasses 08 make-believe “in Black”
A single pair of glasses gives you many different looks. You can enjoy different facial expressions seen from the front and the side.
restaurant Casa Kasa1

There are wide variety of make-believe glasses sold here with simple and original design.

restaurant Casa Kasa4

Kasa is one of the graduates from kirin eyeglass creating school, which is famous for producing talented eyeglass creators. So stay tuned for up-coming new unique, original glasses, too! The products include 2 types of glasses, a great feature for girls who want to wear eyelashes with the glasses. (Glasses for tinies are exceptions)

Don’t forget to grab the wonderful freebie house when you are there, too!

restaurant Casa Kasa

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

Translated by Chika Boa

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