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Hi everyone, this is Rosie again:-) Today, I would like to introduce Zephi’s Shop at Sannomiya SIM. You will find this shop if you go straight through the gate from the Sannomiya SIM landing point.

Zephi’s Shop produces lovely dresses that uses a lot of cute ruffles, laces and ribbons that girls love.

Shown below is the latest dress from Zephi’s shop.

The adorable Gothic Lolita dress is made with careful attention to details.

Black and white laces are used for the skirt and the bodice. The gloves also come in 2 colors, gray and white. So you can enjoy different looks even with one dress. The beautiful and realistic texture and the prim parts such as ruffles and laces are very sensitive and noteworthy.

The skirts comes with a function to keep legs from peeking through the skirt when you sit. You can use the function by the dialog which will appear when you click the skirt. There are also 2 other colors blue and red, as shown below.

There are many Gothic Lolita-type dresses in this store, but they can be also worn as daily sweet dresses. There are also maid-type dresses and pretty dresses. So please come visit!

Zephi’s shop Sannomiya


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express



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Zephi’s Shop is located in the eastern side of sannomiya, in front of Hair Shop JADE. Zephiris Singh offers us ‘Gothic Lolita’ clothes.
‘Gothic Lolita’ in japanese means a specific subset of Lolita fashion, its style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims.

Maid Lace Dress II

Maid Lace Dress II

If you wear a formal dress to the party, take off an apron like this.

This gives an antique look …….

And we can buy gift cards at Zephi’s Shop. Gift cards are wonderful presents for your friends. Instead of paying for Zephi’s products, simply wear the card and click to shop! Instead of paying, you just right click on the vendors for the products that you want and use the card instead!

Zephi’s Shop =Gothic Lolita for Ladies=

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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