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Hi, everyone!  This winter season in Japan is rather warm and it’s hard  to believe that it’s supposed to be the coldest month throughout the year.  Especially this week it’s so warm that I sometimes think “Has spring already come?”
Today, I would like to introduce a product which almost brings you a feeling of long awaited spring breeze.

HAYSURIZA is located at the north side of sannomiya SIM and the shop deals with formal shoes that go well with elegant dresses.  I will show you the latest product Ellice_Pointed-Pumps.

These shoes can be worn both formally and casually.  There are 2 ways that you can wear them, you can wear them without any accessories to enjoy the simple and formal look, or you can wear them casually with jewels and leg warmers (the settings can be changed by a dialog menu which appears when touching the shoes).

The designer Hays Uriza says, “I focused on the shape of the foot base when wearing prim shoes.  Especially, I put much time and energy in adjusting the balance between prim shoes and foot base in order to make the instep look beautiful.

There are wide variety of colors of these shoes so that you can simlply match them with any kind of dresses without trouble.  There are 24 colors in store now!

Why won’t you stop by at HAYSURIZA and enjoy a little early spring breeze?


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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HAYSURIZA is one of the famous shoes shops located in nothern sannomiya.
They released a new pumps on May 24th, 2009.

That is ‘Sayuri’.

They offer us 30 colors of Sayuri so that we can coordinate them as you like. Most of clothes in SL will fit them.
HAYSURIZA Sayuri  Colors

‘Sayuri’ looks very marvelous not only at a glance but also in case of taking screenshots, their appearance is not affected by distance. Moreover, they are not shiny and we can see them very naturally depending on the time of a day because ‘full bright’ and ‘glow’ are not used with this pumps.

In addition, we can adjust the width of pumps by HUD, it’s very simple to adjust it 🙂

Please come and try demos, then get stockings for free(until May 31, 2009).


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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