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Hi there, I’m rosie. Today, I’d like to introduce ra’ta-j,
an accessories shop in sannomiya, specializing in fine
silverwork. When you land on Sannomiya TP point and
enter the gate, this shop is the first one you see on
the right side of shopping area.



Ra’ta-j makes high-quality silver accessories. 
There is a characteristic luster to pure silver, and
I think ra’ta-j has captured it beautifully.

Today’s recommendation:

rata-j_neck::ra’ta-j:: ScissorsNecklace2        L$150

This comes in two(2) color variations,  light silver and
black silver. Both variations include a rezising script,
so both men and women can wear it. 

As the name indicates, a shimmering pair of scissors hangs from
the center of an intricately-wrought chain.

Special Offer:


Ra’ta-j is pleased to offer a limited time sale
price on this cute, pink rabbit pendant:
::ra’ta-j::*Silver rabbit pendant*~pink
This lovely pendant is reduced from L$120
to L$60. The sale price will be available
only for 10 days —  Nov. 10 to Nov. 20.

So hurry and visit Ra’ta-j in Sannomiya!



Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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::ra’ta-j:: , which offeres us accessories and some good stuffs, has opened an outlet in sannomiya SIM !. It is located at the sannomiya mall in the southen west of sannomiya, where ‘heart-shaped-island’ is very close 🙂

Their motto is ‘cute and cool’. They added a new silver product this week, that is ‘Birthstone Teardrop pendant’.


These stuffs are ‘transfer ok’. so how about giving your friend this as a gift ? 🙂

And …

ra'ta-j-03 ra'ta-j-04 ra'ta-j-05

And these good stuffs as above are for free or 1L$.
This sale will run until 15th of July, 2009. Gotta run to get them all !


Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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