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Hello everyone!  It’s early in the morning of the last Sunday in January now in Japan.  This winter was unusually warm and there were even very warm days with the temperature of April.  I really sometimes thought if spring had already come.  But if spring comes this early, stores might not be able to produce spring items in time.  Just a trivial worry that came to my mind:(

But despite my worries, spring items are now in stores just in time! 🙂

I would like to introduce the latest product “The Name of the Rose – spring side”” from LIKKA*HOUSE.

These dresses are new color variations of the dress which came out last summer.  Let’s have a look at the “spring side(bright colors)” at first.  The colors are gray, cyan, pink and innocent.

Next coming up is the “autumn side(dark colors)” dresses.  The colors are espresso, gold, bronze, black. 8 colors in total. 

There’s also a fatpack which includes the crimson dress which was previously released.

This special color dress below(beige)is sold to support the Haiti Earthquake.  The price is set at a reasonable price L$50(the other regular colors are L$300).  The sales will be sent to Haiti earthquake victims through Red Cross.  It is sold not only at Scribble special booth but also at Sannomiya mainstore.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

LIKKA*HOUSE Sannomiya Main Store

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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