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Hi Calo in the sannomiya SIM is well known for its lovely sweets-shaped furniture. I’m pleased to let you know that the shop has just put the furniture named “Christmas Cake” on sale!

“Christmas Cake” coated with a lot of cream will no doubt make your mouth water. It looks very cute, but at the same time it is practical. Up to five people can sit on it and you can enjoy it with your friends adopting five different kinds of poses. The red check cloth under the cake is included in the furniture as well.
Just looking at it, you`ll almost be able to smell the sweet scents drifting from it. No matter how yummy it may look, please don’t eat it mistakenly!

The shop carries many other pieces of sweets-shaped furniture, beautiful pot plants, potbelly stoves and the like. You can find Hi Calo from here.

Sika’s Shop “Hi Calo”

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express


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