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Hi, Yoshimi again. Only a few days for the year 2010… wow, time files… I have to do the year-end cleaning in RL. Moreover in SL, my inventory has been messed up this year so i got to clean them up ! … 😦

Anyway, going back to shops in sannomiya SIM, let me introduce very challenging stuff to bring a successful conclusion of this year… 🙂

VanVicky has released cute food accessories this year, and they released a new stuff at the end of 2009, minute eyeglasses for tiny avatar. This is ‘Fun-Fun’.

Fun-Fun is made for upright ears rabbit released from Wynx Tiny Avatars.

This avatar has up-angled eyes and this might look cold-looking, so jyona Weiz, the designer of this stuff, paid considerable attention to making avatars appearance meek. As a result I guess this avatar looks so cute in a way.

Please come by Yossy Planning to take a look at this cute eyeglasses.
Yossy Planning (::VANVICKY::)

Sannomiya Region Fashion Express

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